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APA:Delete His (D:) or not?

Delete his (D:) or not?
Influence In People’s Relationship In Adult Videos
Chia En Chen
National Central University

Author Note
Chai-En, Department of English, National Central University
This research was supported in part by a grant from National Science Council.
Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Chia-En Chia, Department of English, National Central University, No.300, Zhongda Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

This paper would talk about adult videos in people’s relationship, like would people mind their lover watching adult videos when they get together or not. To explain this topic more, it would start from the connection between adult video and individual. According to Daisy.L Hung, the professor of department of neuroscience in National Yang-Ming University, said adult video is addictive, and provide resistance, actually it may reduce the feeling of happiness. And then is the difference of porn for men and women, afterwards would mention about the difference between porn sex and real sex. So if there’s really an influence to individual, how about in the relationship? Taipei Rescue Women Foundation, which researched the frequency of people in Taiwan watching adult video, and found that the rate was the highest compare to America and Europe. Final will introduce the situation of watching adult videos by different country’ survey to prove the point and then make a conclusion.
        Key words: adult videos, relationship

Influence in people’s Relationship in Adult Videos
How to prove that keeping adult videos would affect a person or more than couples? A website made by Daisy.L Hung, the professor of department of neuroscience in National Yang-Ming University. In the website she introduced her book which discussed about brain's every reaction. According to one of paragraph in this book, it talked about "people's addiction". 

“It mentioned that through some experiments, our brain's plasticity was related to dopamine. When our nerve received the instruction from cerebrum and then complete it, dopamine could let the nerve get more stable. Easy to say, the more dopamine, the connection of nerve would get more tight, this is the reason why we have addition. And once this kind of energy accumulate too much on nerve, it will cause an irreversible change, that means even people get rid of addiction eventually, brain will still memorize this influence.”

So my opinion is "sexual addiction" is without exception as well, I think people was addicted to watch adult video probably. 

Another point connect in above-mentioned paragraph, it said "Some people say that adult video provide people a healthy pleasure, can liberated from the sexual tension, however adult video is addictive, and provide resistance, actually it may reduce the feeling of happiness. People who addicted to adult video will long for adult video but don't like it; people who continued to watch adult video will think their lover were unattractive, and would rather watch adult video than dating with real person." It means that adult video may let people cannot tell reality from fantasy.

Cannot Tell Reality from Fantasy
When it talks about fantasy, what information adult videos will bring to people?
A video which I found on YouTube, after I typed "adult video" as my key word. This video wanted to express the difference between porn sex and real sex by using some vegetables or fruits to replace some sexual scenes of adult video which compare with reality life. And it was so popular that about ten million people had watched that.

The Huff Post, which has a live show, disgust some hot issues and has a channel on YouTube. Inspired by the video, HuffPost Live spoke to women working in the porn industry, and asked them to share their thoughts about the difference between porn sex and real sex.

In the video, they invited two women to express their opinions. First is Jincey Lumpkin, Chief Sexy Officer of Juicy Pink Box, mentioned that most scenes in adult videos made by posturing for the camera, flattering angles and cutting together of the scenes.
Second guest is Nina Hartley, an adult video actress, also agreed that it is very different between porn sex and real sex. "Pornography is a paid, professional performance by actors. It is a fantasy, it is not meant to be a rulebook and guidebook or a how to as a general rule. And it goes to show how poor our sex education is in this country that people are reduced to looking at an entertainment medium for information about the body", she replied to the host.

So even if watching adult video won't be addiction to everyone, does this behavior won't let people fall into the fictitious and porn world? After all adult videos are still commodities, a commercial practices, include many unrealistic and exaggerating content to fascinate viewer. So I convinced that watching adult videos could generate some over illusion.

The Situation in Taiwan
I found a news which said there is a group called Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation was going to have a survey. This organization wanted to know the mind of people who watched adult videos, so they asked for "adult-video volunteer" first, of course the volunteers were anonymous, and their job was watching adult video together, and then filled out the questionnaire. After their coordination, they convened a press conference, and showed the results about "The Situation of People Who Watched Adult Videos in Taiwan" and "Transnational Report about Watching Adult Videos". 
According to the data, the rate of the minority in Taiwan who watched adult videos was up to 90%, the frequency of watching adult videos was also the top among many countries. The research also indicated that the frequency of watching adult videos was higher, or the more exaggerative plots people who likes, it might influence the intimate relationship between couples more, too. Even caused their sexual life.

Base on this public inquiry, many people admitted that they were disturbed about they kept using adult videos over a long period time and tried to decrease the times. Despite men or women, watching adult videos will cause some fantasy illusion when they get together with their real lovers. For example, after they watched adult videos, women would want to see a naked man; men would like to have an intimate relationship with women.

A Survey from BBC
Here is another poll which researched by BBC. They surveyed 1,057 adults ages 18-24 about what kind of media they used when they were in touch with porn. And also revealed some data different from men and women.

According to the investigation, people who used free websites as an adult material most. Free websites were by far the most popular way of getting hold of adult material, followed by file-sharing networks, mobile phones and TV. Because pornography is easy to get everywhere now, for example, within a second there will be hundreds of videos, that's why people spend so much time on there because they think 'maybe there will be a better one' and they keep going and going. Just like Ian Barber, 22, from Manchester, who said, "Anyone who pays for porn these days needs their head checking because there is so much free porn out there."

Another result of research, almost eight out of 10 men said they had looked at porn on the internet compared with just over a third of women. The average man in the study spent more than two hours a week surfing adult sites, compared with less than fifteen minutes for the average woman. And a quarter of all men in the survey said they were worried about the amount of porn they were looking at, while almost as many said they were concerned about the type of images they were viewing.

And this kind of rate would really cause some influence.
1.Higher numbers of those heavy users said their porn viewing had upset a partner or caused them to miss a meeting at work.
2.Men looking at porn for at least 10 hours a week were also more likely to say it can put them off real-life sex.
3.Sixty-one per cent agreed it could make you less interested in sex with a partner, compared with 27 per cent of moderate users and 24 per cent of light users.

So according to above information about the influence of watching adult videos, although we are not very sure about that, adult videos are harmful to everyone, it is possible to say that adult videos might cause a problem in people’s relationship.

In my opinion, adult videos really do affect the couple's life, no matter people who addicted to adult videos or not. I think women and men will hopefully realize that they don't have to force themselves to emulate what they see in porn films. Fantasy is great, but the reality of sex based on one's own desires and separate from the pressure to look or act with a certain way can be even better. What’s more, someone would say that they did not care about their lovers who watched adult videos, so long as "can't let them know". But why? The truth is, if you went back to home one day, and saw your lover was watching adult videos right now, did you really feel nothing about this situation? This problem is closer more about not to conceal the thing you think your lover won’t care about. So I think every couples should really take watching adult videos serious because it might become your big problem one day. However, this topic is not only against on "man" watch adult video, is about your "lover" who need to watch adult video as before would might cause influence between your relationship.

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